Privacy Policy

Browsing this site

You may browse the non member pages of site without any information being collected that will identify you.

Members-only pages

Some pages are reserved for members of Mensa76. To gain access to these pages you will be required to enter your mmeber identification number, email address and create a password. If we verify that you are a member, you will be granted access to the members only pages.


This site uses Cookies to provide members only access to certain parts of the site. If you check the box that says "Remember Me" the login screen, your email address along with a session identifier will be stored as a small textfile on your computer. Otherwise we will save the information in memory on your computer only while you have that browser open, are logged into our site, and are actively browsing the site.

Personal Information

Beyond information used during the registration process, no personal information of any kind is collected from anyone. None of your personal information provided during registration is shared with any other party for any other reason. As of the time of this publication we do not have advertising on this site, and do not use tracking cookies or pixels.

We respect the privacy of each individual. Mensa76 does not share any of the information about our members with any other organization.

Under Age Members

Members that are under age, and their parent(s), may visit the youth pages. The only adult members that will have access to the youth pages are those members that work with the youth and have been cleared to do so via a background check performed through American Mensa.